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Holiday ToursPattaya Nightlife - Holiday tours in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Nightlife

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Pattaya Travel Guide
Pattaya Travel Guide and Interesting Pattaya Articles by Holiday Tours.

Pattaya Nightlife - What to Do at Night in Pattaya.

Pattaya Nightlife, Bars, GoGo Bars & Discos
A night out in Pattaya! Pattaya nightlife guide including beer bars, GoGo bars, discos, nightclubs, Pattaya bar girls, ladyboys, transvestite shows, ...

Pattaya Nightlife - Find the best Pattaya Bars & Info
The ultimate Pattaya Bars and Nightlife Guide. Best Pattaya Info about Nightlife, Bars, A Go Go's and the famous Pattaya Girls. Auch in Deutsch!

Video clip of Pattaya Nightlife, the world famous walking street and many other areas. Listen to the song Pattaya Pattaya here. Must watch!

Nightlife entertainment in Pattaya, Thailand. A go-go bars.
Nightlife and entertainment in Pattaya. Lots of a go go bars websites listed.

Pattaya nightlife - 1stop Pattaya
The low down on where to party when planning your nightlife in Pattaya.

About Thailand : Nightlife entertainment in Pattaya .
Nightlife and adult entertainment in Pattaya. Lots of agogo bars websites listed.

Pattaya Nightlife Guide. Info on Entertainment, Bars, Gogo's ...
Easy access to the nightlife entertainment complexes at soi 7/8 and within 5 minutes from the beach. Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya. hardrock-main.jpg (19402 bytes ...

Discount Pattaya Hotels Thailand and Travel Guide - Pattaya ...
Discount Pattaya Hotels Thailand Booking for wide range of Pattaya accommodations with travel information guide. Online hotel reservations with great saving ...

Pattaya Nightlife: Bars And Clubs Guide | Night Hawk
Pattaya Nightlife Guide And Pattaya Girls, Strip Clubs And Bars, Nightlife and Sexy Girls In Pattaya, bar girls And Go Go bars In Walking Street, ...

Pattaya Nightlife Guide - Home
Pattaya guest friendly discount hotel reservations and nightlife guide.

Pattaya Nightlife Entertainment, Disco, Bars, Clubs, Cabaret ...
About :: Night Clubs Disco, Cabarets Beer Bars Go-Go Clubs and Karaoke. Enjoy the nightlife of Pattaya. ::

Nightclubs in Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya nightlife entertainment.
Pattaya nightlife entertainment. Party clubs, discotheques and nightclubs in Pattaya, Thailand. nightlife entertainment guide in Pattaya.

Pattaya Girls - Pattaya Nightlife | Pattaya Nightlife
Admit it... People don't come to Thailand for the cultural treasures or the wonderful food... No, they come for the Pattaya Nightlife... Right? ...and the.

Pattaya Nightlife
Nightlife Pattaya, bars nightclubs and night entertainment in Pattaya beach Thailand.

Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya, Thailand is located on The Gulf of Thailand, approximately 100 miles from Bangkok .There is a lot to do In Pattaya, from relaxing on the beach, ...

Rolling Stone Bars Pattaya - Pattaya bars, Pattaya nightlife ...
RSB's offers entertainment that caters to everyone's taste, quaff a cold beer or sip an icy, smooth cocktail, relax, listen to the music and check out the ...

Pattaya2you Guides for traveling and living, Pattaya NEWS, Pattaya ...
Pattaya bars. Pattaya has more than 3000 bars for every taste, from bars, small beer outside in the complexes into "single house" bars and large air ...

Scandinavia Bar and Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand - Pattaya Nightlife
Scandinavian bar and restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand. The city with the best nightlife.

Pattaya Nightlife - Go Go Bars - Nightclubs - Girls
Pattaya Nightlife and Pattaya Nightlife Video. Walking street is packed with gogo bars, discos, beer bars, massage parlours, restaurants, girls, show girls, ...

Pattaya Nightlife Bars and Discos in Pattaya Thailand
Pattaya Nightlife, Discos, Bars, Nightclubs, Go Go Bars Pattaya Thailand.

Pattaya Nightlife Photos
Pattaya Nightlife Photos. ... Pattaya Beach Nightlife ? Jomtien Beach Nightlife ? Naklua Beach Nightlife ? Pattaya Walking Street ? Ladyboys Cabaret Shows ...

Pattaya nightlife video - webcam online show
A nightlife video fromPattaya city showing gilr, lady, bar and all night life living. Thailand. Total clip video from any location and activities around ...

Pattaya Nightlife, vibrant and exciting
Pattaya nightlife is amongst the most exciting you can find anywhere, with over 1000 beer bars and around 80 go-go bars.

Pattaya Trip Reports - The Pattaya Punter | Pattaya Nightlife
First hand details about punting in Pattaya, Thailand...and of course some mongering in Bangkok as well.

Pattaya Nightlife Entertainment Information
Nightlife and entertainment in Pattaya. There are a lots of a Night Clubs Discotheques Carbarets Beer Bars Go-Go Clubs. Enjoy the nightlife of Pattaya.

Pattaya Hotels - Hotel and Resort Guide, beaches and islands ...
Pattaya Hotel guide: accommodation, hotels, maps, tours and activities in Jomtien and surrounding areas.

PATTAYA NIGHTLIFE TOP 50 LIST - Pattaya Nightlife - Find the best ...
The ultimate Pattaya Bars and Nightlife Guide. Best Pattaya Info about Nightlife, Bars, A Go Go's and the famous Pattaya Girls. Auch in Deutsch!

Bangkok and Pattaya Night Life - Bars Clubs : GoGo Bars : Party In ...
Bangkok and Pattaya Night Life pictures of Bars, Clubs, GoGo and Go Go bars, Escorts and hot asian babes. Have a hot night out in Pattaya.

Pattaya Dance Clubs Beer Bars Nightlife Map and Guide 2010
Guide to all the best Pattaya clubs nightclubs beer bars go-go bars Karaoke clubs disco's recommended by serial clubbers australian and thai.

My Pattaya Girls Story | Pattaya Girl
Why You Should Meet Pattaya Girls Outside The Bars ? Meeting Girls in the Pattaya Nightlife isn't always easy ? Hello world! ...

Pattaya Life | Pattaya Night Life | Retire in Pattaya Beach,Thailand
Pattaya City on the eastern seaboard of Thailand has been attracting visitors from around the globe since the days of the Vietnam War when it attracted the ...

Pattaya Nightlife - Find The Best Bars in Pattaya
Pattaya nightlife for all information you will search about the famous nightlife and bars in Pattaya.

Pattaya Night Life
Nightlife beyond Pattaya's hotels is more liberated, with discotheques, transvestite cabarets, nightclubs, Karaoke bars, go-go bars and open-air bars. ...

Where 'the boys' stay in Pattaya for a riotous time | Nightlife guide
Pattaya nightlife guide to where 'the boys' stay in Pattaya for a fun time, loads of drinks & sexy girls.

Pattaya Nightlife Guide | Nightlife entertainment in Pattaya
Pattaya Nightlife Guide including Pattaya Walking Street,Popular bar venues, Beer Bars, Go-go bars, Pubs & Bars, Clubs and more entertainment in Pattaya.

Vacation Rental in Pattaya, Nightlife, Pattaya, Night in Pattaya.
Pattaya nightlife, Pattaya vacation, Best rates on the Net!. Book Online and Save !.

Pattaya Gogo Bars - A Guide to their Websites
Pattaya gogo bars guide to websites including information on beer bars, hotels, fun and Thailand travel tips.

Pattaya Nightlife Guide - Beach, Girls, Thailand
Pattaya beach Thailand nightlife guide including girls, gays, beer bars, go go bars with videos and photos. Click here for more!

Pattaya City
Pattaya and its night life including articles plus bar and other reviews from around Pattaya. Pattaya Hotels - suggestions and reviews including links to ...

Pattaya Nightlife Guide & Pattaya Bar Girls ebook Guide
Download Pattaya Bar Girls nightlife guide for an unforgettable life changing adventure. Thailand nightlife for men aged 18 to 80.

Live In Pattaya - Holiday Pattaya - Pattaya Night Life
Living, comming for holiday or retire In Pattaya or Jomtien, we have all the information for your visit to Jomtien and Pattaya.

A Go Go Bars in Pattaya, Thailand. Nightlife entertainment Thailand.
The Pattaya a go go bars guide. Nightlife entertainment in Pattaya, Thailand. A go go bars in Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya Nightlife | Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide, Hotels ...
Pattaya's nightlife activities normally continue until dawn to appeal to the individuals' tastes and moods. Almost all fantasies can be fulfilled especially ...

Pattaya Nightlife | - Pattaya
About :: Guide and Introduction to Pattaya City nitelife and entertainment, several establishments & clubs, live shows ::

Pattaya Nightlife
Join the Pattaya nightlife scene in the heart of Sin City to find sexy Thai Bar Girls and Erotic European Girls at all the best Go Go Bars.

Pattaya Video Clips: Nightlife, Bars, Girls & Ladyboys (1)
Watch video clips of Pattaya's hottest nightlife spots, GoGo bars, discos and nightclubs, sexy Pattaya bar girls, Coyote dancers and ladyboys on Walking ...

Pattaya Nightlife | Videos | Thai Mobile News -
2 May 2010 ... We went out to walking street in pattaya. It's shut off to traffic during the evening, with raunchy shows, bar games, competing.

Pattaya Beer Bars
Original Content From: WikiTravel
Pattaya is especially famous for its beer bars (also called bar-beer), staffed by "bar girls" who are "for hire" to the tourists and ex-pats who drink there. Popular beer bar pastimes include pool, connect-four and shut-the-box.

Open-air beer bars can be found all over Pattaya, with the biggest and best known concentrations being along and around Pattaya Soi 7 /Pattaya Soi 8 and Pattaya Walking Street, at numerous points on Pattaya second Road, Pattaya Beach Road, Soi Buakhao, and in smaller numbers just about everywhere else, including along the southern end of Naklua Road and at Jomtien. Although the staff of a typical beer bar will usually all be prostitutes, customers who have no intention of paying a "bar fine" (money paid to the bar so that the girl can leave with the customer) are generally very welcome and indeed make up the majority of the clientele

Indoor beer bars can also be found all over Pattaya, the most notorious areas of Pattaya being Soi Yodsak (Soi 6) and parts of Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2). While some of these bars are much more "bar fine" oriented, in most cases customers who simply want to buy drinks are still welcome.

The official closing time in "entertainment zones" is 01:00 (in practice usually somewhere between 01:00 and 02:00, depending on the location) and 00:00 elsewhere - however "closing" is defined as switching off the music and non-essential lighting, and numerous beer bars remain open 24/7.

Go-go bars
Also called a-go-go bars, the main concentrations are along Walking Street and the three Pattayaland streets, with more dotted around the most popular beer bar areas; most come to life at around 20:00 and close between 01:00 and 02:00.Sight-seeing tourists are welcome in go-go bars, however cameras are not. Signs prohibiting photography are widespread, and a minority of venues require patrons to deposit their cameras with security staff as they enter.

Walking Street
Should have been named "Walking, Shopping, Eating, Drinking, Dancing and Ogling Street" as there's plenty of almost everything here - including around 100 beer bars and at least 30 go-go bars, plus many more in the side-sois that lead east towards Pratamnak Road. Worth a look in the daytime, but best visited in the evening, and has loads of restaurants if you're bridging the gap between the two. Gets really packed in places when the discos empty, so watch your pockets. If you're going to visit just one go-go, you could try "Super Baby" in Soi Diamond, whose reputation for having the most attractive girls (not a stretch mark as far as the eye could see) in its heyday a year or two back made it a mandatory stop for countless busloads of Asian tourists. While that's no longer quite the case, it's still a good bet as a hassle-free "middle of the road" place to see.

Soi Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4) features on many a Pattaya postcard - when lit up at night, the go-go bar signs are a memorable and photogenic sight, although there are in fact only eight go-go bars here (two of which feature guys, not girls), plus a half-dozen bars and the Penthouse Hotel. Worth a look in the evening (it's almost a ghost town the rest of the time), but get there before 01:00 as that's when the lights go out. Soi Pattayaland 3 ("Boyz Town" - no direct access from Beach Road, runs from the middle of Soi 13/4 to Second Road) features only male dancers and bars that cater for the gay crowd; Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3) has even more all-male go-gos (eight), but does have a couple of girlie-go-gos too. There is also a small lesbian scene in Pattaya, with local butch girls called "tom" girls and femme girls called "dee".

Soi 7 & Soi 8
There's always something going on here - in the evening and early hours, there are about 120 well-staffed beer bars to choose from, plus a handful of go-go bars; in the morning there are several places that serve breakfast; in the afternoon it's a popular place for those who like to get started early; and at Songkran (New Year) it's unmitigated mayhem. The "Night Out" complex (10 large outdoor bars, on a side-soi that connects Soi 7 and Pattaya Central Road) is about as family-orientated as these places ever get, and has live music from 20:00-01:00. There are several large hotels (light sleepers beware), and Soi 8 also has a few travel agencies, convenience stores, etc.

Soi Yodsak (Soi 6)
Imagine a kerb-crawlers paradise - and then pedestrianise it. Arguably Pattaya's most colourful street (as well as most notorious), Soi 6 has about 50 bars (mostly "short time" bars, with names such as "Butterfly", "Love Club", "Route 69" and "The Eager Beaver") which all get going at 13:00 and close pretty much on the dot at 01:00. It's not really a pedestrian-only street (but it is one-way), however walking - preferably in broad daylight - is undoubtedly the best and most popular way to experience it. Go in the middle of the afternoon and just wander from one end to the other (if coming from the south, walk from the Second Road end down to the Beach Road end if you want to get there and back by songthaew). It's much, much more "sex-tourist" than "tourism" oriented, but anyone and everyone is welcome everywhere provided they're buying a drink or three. The curiously named "Hi Boss! 2002 Pub" is where the ladyboys hang out, there's one go-go - "Mandarin" (dancing from 17:00 till 01:00), plus a couple of "pub" food possibilities; and neighbouring Soi 6/1 has a handful of "ordinary" outdoor beer bars.

Second Road - around the Soi 2 & Soi 3 junctions
On the west side of Second Road opposite the Central Festival Centre is a collection of about 35 very popular beer bars, which start to fill up from about 16:00, and several of which remain open long after the lights go out around 01:00-02:00. "Atlantic Bar", at the far end of the five-bar strip to the south of Soi 2, always draws a substantial crowd. The only go-go ("Classroom 2", 19:30-02:00) is a lively one, and while there's not much in the way of food in amongst the bars themselves, there are numerous eating options extremely nearby (including outlets for most of the major fast-food chains directly opposite on the other side of Second Road).


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