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Holiday ToursPattaya Festivals - Holiday tours in Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand Pattaya Songkran Water Festival

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Pattaya Travel Guide
Pattaya Travel Guide and Interesting Pattaya Articles by Holiday Tours.

Pattaya Festivals
Festivals Pattaya events, festival and event info calendar for Pattaya beach Thailand.

Festivals in Pattaya - 1stop Pattaya
A guide to all the festivals in Pattaya Thailand and where to find them, when.

Events in Pattaya Pattaya Events, Pattaya Festival, Pattaya Marathon
Several events held in Pattaya have remarkable role in increasing tourist presence in Pattaya. Here is an account of these festivals and events.

pattayathailand-info festival
Pattaya Festival is usually held in the mid of April to promote tourism and Pattaya's reputation. Floral floats are paraded along the streets. ...

Pattaya Events and Festivals
Other events like procession in the streets of Pattaya are also held during the festival. It attracts over 100.000 music lovers from all over the country ...

Local Festivals & Events in Pattaya and Thailand - AngloINFO ...
Pattaya and Thailand's Eastern Seaboard have a full calendar of festivals throughout the year. Here you will find information and a description of the ...

Pattaya International Music Festival
Pattaya Music Festival invites all music lovers, including tourists to enjoy the first summer's breeze in Thailand.

Festival :
Pattaya Festival Thailand's world-famous seaside resort puts on its most festival face for this annual event, held in April at the height of the summer ...

Festivals in Pattaya - Pattaya Festivals, Festivals of Pattaya
Thai festivals are known for their colour, gaiety, zeal, feasts, prayers and rituals. Get informed about festivals in Pattaya with us.

Pattaya International Music Festival
PATTAYA FESTIVALS & EVENTS. New Year Festival; Songkran Festival; Loikratong Festival; Christmas Holiday Festival; Chinese New Year Festival; More Festivals ...


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